Cosmic Frontier 2D – Large Ships

Some larger ships contain multiple floors for different purposes, in this image we see the outerior, first floor, cockpit and crew quarters/engineering floor. Like everything else in the 2D version of Cosmic Frontier, this ship is made of multiple layers and works well with parallax. Everything done in Photoshop and assembled in unity with hand-made colliders and layerorders.

Cosmic Frontier 2D – Space

The space consists of layers with different elements. The bottom layer is a transparent sprite with stars, it scrolls along the player depending on his velocity. Then comes the planet,
which is made from 4 different layers for easy customisation, there’s the glow, terrain, clouds and the shadow. Terrain and clouds scroll slowly with a script to simulate rotation. I have made multiple white transparent sprites for the nebulas, I stack them and change the tint to achieve different variatons. Then there’s the two layers of asteroid fields with normal maps repeated multiple times on a single plane. the topmost layer has all the thing player can interact with, like the rigidbody asteroids and the small station.

Cosmic Frontier 2D – Stations

Initially the idea for Cosmic Frontier was to make main stations by hand, and smaller ones with procedural generation using modular station pieces and rooms. In this image, all the corridors and rooms are their own assets, consisting of a floor, walls and a toggleable roof for when you’re outside the station.